Grouper Fishing Tournament Plaques 0001


Grouper Fishing Tournament Plaques featuring a licensed reproduction of a Guy Harvey Grouper painting mounted on a High Gloss Plaque. Guy Harvey Grouper Fishing Tournament Plaques are delivered presentation ready with engraving customized for your event.

Guy Harvey Grouper Fishing Tournament Plaques allow you to stretch your trophy dollar budget. Not only are they prized by recipients, they are outstanding sponsor plaques and just the thing for others deserving of recognition.

Fishing Tournament Trophies by Chris Costello, Official Manufacturer of Guy Harvey Fishing Plaques

Economy  -  9 Inch Plaque  -  $49.00
Small  -  10 Inch Plaque  -  $59.00
Medium  -  12 Inch Plaque  -  $69.00
Large  -  13 Inch Plaque  -  $89.00
X-Large  -  15Inch Plaque   -  $99.00

10% Discount - 10 or More Plaques

Free Shipping - 10 Plaques or More

To place an order or obtain additional information about our exclusive line of Licensed and Copyrighted Guy Harvey trophy plaques, please phone or text Chris Costello at 321-591-6824, or email a message to

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